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ICTDigital optimises PPC campaigns for client success

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From Google Ads to Facebook ads

From mastering Google Ads search campaigns to leveraging the social reach of Facebook Ads, we guide you through effective online marketing strategies

Remarketing / Retargeting

Remarketing keeps your brand in front of potential customers, while retargeting focuses on immediate conversion by reaching out to users based on their previous interactions with your website

We offer comprehensive solutions

PPC Management Services Offered

Our PPC Management Services encompass expert strategies to maximise campaign success, including ad creation, bid management, and performance tracking to drive sales and profitability

Strategy Creation and Campaign Planning

Develop comprehensive PPC strategies tailored to your goals and market analysis

Keyword Research and Selection

We will identify and select high-performing keywords to target the right audience

Ad Copywriting and Design

We assist in crafting compelling ad copy and design visually appealing ad creatives

Bid Management

We monitor and adjust bids to optimise ad spend and maximise Return On Investment(ROI)

Landing Page Optimisation

We will enhance landing pages to improve user experience and conversion rates

Performance Analysis and Reporting

Provide detailed reports on campaign performance and insights for future optimisations

Turning Clicks into Customers!

Expert Campaign Strategy

Our dedicated team crafts customised PPC campaigns that align with your business goals, ensuring every click moves you closer to success. We analyze market trends, conduct keyword research, and optimize your ads for maximum conversion.

Continuous Optimisation

We don’t just set up your campaigns and forget them. Our continuous optimisation process involves regular analysis and adjustments to bids, ads, and strategies to keep you ahead of the competition and improve ROI.

Transparent Reporting

Stay informed with our transparent reporting system. We provide detailed insights into your campaign’s performance, helping you understand the impact of your investment and make data-driven decisions.


Attractive offers and building advertising campaigns that will generate leads

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pay Per Click Management FAQ

Some important question our clients ask about Pay Per Click Management.


Ecommerce PPC management involves setting up, managing, and optimising your ecommerce business’s pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. It includes three key parties:

  • The advertiser: You or your ecommerce business
  • The ad network: The service provider connecting you with websites selling ad space.
  • The hosting website: Where your ad is displayed. Unlike other digital advertising models, PPC advertising ensures you only pay when someone clicks on the ad

A PPC agency or specialist creates and manages online ad campaigns on platforms like Google Ads or social media. Their responsibilities include:

    • Researching keywords to target
    • Crafting compelling ad copy
    • Designing and optimising landing pages
    • Managing your budget and adjusting campaigns for maximum ROI

Businesses looking to drive qualified traffic and increase conversions should consider hiring a PPC management service. Whether you manage your own campaign or partner with a specialist, effective PPC management can significantly impact your online success

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